Saraya & Chloe – Romantic Trip For Two 1080p

22 Feb
February 22, 2017

Saraya & Chloe – Romantic Trip For Two
Release Date : 02/22/17

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A long time in the planning, we were hoping to get these two real life best friends to break their inhibitions and try each other for a girl girl for the first time… and it became an amazingly fun, romantic adventure shoot in a very exotic place! Saraya, who had her friend Chloe tag along for a shoot a long time ago get encouraged to do her own shoot; then Chloe’s popularity had members talking about how they would like to see the two together… It actually happened! Its the Valentines’ day weekend, and the popular tourist destination is really busy. We first see them in the cutest dresses & heels, looking sexy and classy, walking around a very fancy shopping area and exposing their breasts and butt… they really show off their affection right there in public! They get all kinds of attention, and they are enjoying it all, and we get to see all sorts of upskirt teases and enjoy two pretty girls play. Then they get changed into sporty wear, but then it starts pouring rain! They run around on a hiking trail, then wait for the rain to subside before going to the top of a popular (and very busy mountain) to masturbate with a vibrator — Saraya has a strong squirting orgasm, and Chloe also has a strong orgasm with strong vaginal contractions! Having fun flashing and being girls in public, they visit another tourist area, and Saraya fingers Chloe right on the spot, while people drive by! Then they visit a creek, and find a more private place to get completely naked. There, Saraya goes down on Chloe, then attempts to fist her! We find out that Saraya has always had a fantasy about fisting Chloe. Chloe has to tinkle afterwards… They then finally arrive at their cottage, where they make out, suck on each other’s nipples, then masturbate with their own favorite toys. Chloe ends up with another strong orgasm and contractions, and Saraya ends up squirting again, this time so much that it floods the couch and the floor! Saraya, the more aggressive partner in this relationship, starts to go down on Chloe again, and we get some really nice shots of her tongue pleasuring her. Chloe gets so wet from it, that Saraya’s fingers just slip in… then five fingers… then her whole fist! Saraya starts hard fisting her deep, and rotating her fist back and forth inside Chloe! And the best part is, Chloe is enjoying it. Who would have thought this conservative girl who was afraid of doing xxx months ago is now getting fisted? Then Saraya spreads & gapes Chloe’s vagina… Back out on the town, the girls share some ice cream, and Chloe sucks the cream off Saraya’s nipples, flashing at the outdoor seating area! Later that night, the girls cuddle in bed together, and we get to see photos of them together on their computers from years past, showing their longtime friendship. The next morning, we see them get up in bed, then Chloe starts fingering Saraya’s unnaturally tight vagina. Two fingers barely go in… Then Chloe starts shaving Saraya’s pubic hair, then goes down on her, licking away at her clit, and sucking on her tiny private parts! Then Saraya gets fingered in the butt, and then double-penetrated with two fingers. They get back to their vibrators again, and Chloe ends up with a very strong orgasm, dripping milky juices which Saraya gets to taste! Saraya in turn, ends up having another squirting orgasm, with some incredibly strong visible vaginal contractions! Then they play around with a double dildo, and end up scissoring, grinding their wet vagina’s into each other. As the sun sets, we see them back out in more beautiful dresses, making out on the street, flashing their breasts, and interacting with the locals. And so ends this post-Valentine’s special shoot, of two real life best friends, who got to know each other a lot more intimately this weekend Smile


Total Duration : 113 Minutes
Total Size : 9,56 Gb
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
FileType : mp4


Video I – Sedona Adventure


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Video II – Friends Now Lovers


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Photosets (if people likes it, I will continue sharing this part) :

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