08 Jan


What is the V.I.P. Section?

Some Special Clips Are Only For V.I.P. Users!

VIP PRICE : Getting Premium Account From K2S Filehost With Following The Simple Tutorial Below!
So You Will Both Have Premium Account On Your Filehost And
Have Access To VIP Section!

Plus, Teenmushi Visitors Will Have +10% Days In Premium Subscription!
Don’t Miss VIP + Premium Account For Only One Price!


Getting the V.I.P. – Pass (Tutorial) (FOR K2S)


Click on the link below
Keep2share.cc will be opened in a new window
+10% days promo code Keep2Share.cc – http://keep2share.cc/code/10837extra-free-days.html


Needed is a 90 Days Premium Option, You can choose Higher option (365 Days) if you want.

Stock Index Down icon


Then Fill The Form – Don’t Forget To Choose Your Runtime Of Your Premium Membership!
365 Days
90 Days


You should receive a confirmation mail from them!! After getting the email, Send me an email ([email protected])! (Insant Reply If I am Awake! – Not Sleeping!)

The email should include these 3 things :
-1 which premium duration you’ve taken (i.e. 90 days, 365 days,…)
-2 your country location
-3 Write me a Username and Password combination to create your VIP account (I will create manually for you, You can change your password later whenever you want!)


There is no Step 4! – VIP account holds forever – Enjoy Your Lifetime VIP Account On Teenmushi.org!


That’s all! Please wait until I reply – You will always get response insantly (I get notifications in my mobile) If I am not sleeping 🙂