Ivy & Eufrat – Your Touch – 720p

22 Jun
June 22, 2012

Ivy & Eufrat – Your Touch
Release Date : 21.06.2012

Duration : 00:33:15
Size : 1228 Mb
Resolution : 1280 x 720
FileType : mov

Description : Once in a while comes a scene with pure electricity from beginning to end. Eufrat and Ivy are so in love they constantly glow, smiling all the time and looking deep into each other’s eyes expressing love, desire and intense arousal. They make an incredibly cute couple, tall Eufrat in her big jumper and petite Ivy in stockings, it’s so pleasing to see the girls feeling around these clothes but more so when they get peeled off. Eufrat reveals Ivy’s firm young body with it’s perfectly small tits that sit up and say hello and it’s delicious sprinkling of freckles. Ivy rubs Eufrat’s clit, stimulating it through her panties, lubricating her. When Eufrat feels the urge to pleasure Ivy she licks her vagina all over, pushing her tongue inside and collecting its moisture. Eufrat takes the time to slide three fingers inside Ivy’s pussy which spreads slightly to welcome them in. From here the girls are driven to make sure they pleasure the other with a strong and intense orgasm. Kissing and making eye contact all the while, Eufrat climbs up to sit on Ivy’s face who gladly eats her lover’s sopping pussy, allowing Eufrat to smear it all over her face.


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Download : http://k2s.cc/file/6227ed236b3e3/cyxv2pp6cpzx

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