Valentina – A Quick Cheer 1080p

12 Nov
November 12, 2013

Valentina – A Quick Cheer
Release Date : 11/08/13

She’s a former cheerleader for the Florida Marlins, and she incredibly athletic, with some serious acrobatic skills! Never done adult work before, this is her total First Time experience… she’s pretty nervous about it! We meet up with her at the airport late at night, and she is definitely a spunky personality! Kalila visits as well, to assist on the shoot. Next morning, we visit a golf course, and watch that fit form jog through the trails, then start doing topless cartwheels and other high speed acrobatics! Eventually we are asked to leave, but not until she takes her bottoms off! Back home, she masturbates with her fingers, then Kalila comes in to finger her vaginally (notice how wet she is) and even two fingers anally! Putting on a sexy white outfit & heels, she bring her ‘Miami style’ to the shoot, and does an incredible dance to music, showing off that flexibility and athleticism. Drawing busty Kalila into the picture, they dance together, and get a little ‘touchy’…

Model Comments

Hi ppl, this is valentina but u can call me tina for short. thats what most ppl call me. my mom who is puerto rican called me by that name and my dad is french. ive been doing dance and gymnastics since i was six but it got serious at fourteen. i love to move, feel the music, stay up late, look up at the stars, travel to new places, and be spontaneous. im cool with gay friends, transsexuals, and ppl who like to have fun and dont pout. i came to phoenix worried that i’m going into the unknown and who knows if i get kidnapped or something. so i was happy meeting a nice couple and they werent threatening at all. i couldnt sleep the first night because it takes me a while to get adapted to my settings but i dont sleep much anyways. well i was asked to write about what i enjoyed and didnt. i enjoyed everything but i didnt want to do dildos or put anything in my vagina. i also didnt want to use vibrators. and i also didnt like how hot it was even if im from florida the air is different. it made me tired quickly and my throat gets dry. i wish i could stay more and do more things but i wasnt around long enough to see more of arizona.


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Video I – Strong Acrobat

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