Kelsey & Hazel – High School Best Friends 1080p

30 Nov
November 30, 2013

Kelsey & Hazel – High School Best Friends
Release Date : 11/29/13

Sexy Kelsey returns, this time with her real life best friend, Hazel — who has never done any sort of adult before… she seems so innocent and cute! We meet them at the airport, and wow, Kelsey’s breasts have grown bigger (and she got braces). We have to see her flash them. Next morning, the girls walk down a neighborhood, getting touchy/feely and they eventually strip themselves down at an office area. They brought some sexy dresses & heels to put on, but not before using the heels to tease & penetrate each other! Once dressed up, they parade around teasing some more, then move to another location (after being spotted by security) and finger each other. Back home, Kelsey helps shave Hazel’s private parts, then goes down on her, sucking on her long labia and licking her clit. Then she starts licking Hazel’s butt! Hazel returns the favor by going down on Kelsey, then tonguing her butt, as well as fingering. Neither girl has ever experienced anal like this! The girls then individually masturbate, Kelsey to a orgasm with visible vaginal contractions while watching porn on the computer, and Hazel to a squirting orgasm with multiple vaginal contractions throughout. Hazel surprises us with the desire to try a really large toy, so we have her ride the xxx Blue Monster toy! Bigger than her whole forearm, she takes it deep, nearly to its base!! Kelsey then pounds her with it, astonished by Hazel’s petite body taking that whole thing in! Kelsey also tries a dildo, but a smaller, ball shaped one, and has Hazel play with her while standing up. Next morning, we see the two cuddling in bed at a resort, waking up and sucking on each others’ breasts. Kelsey has big breasts, but so does Hazel, and they’re fun to play with. Then a little foot fetish play, kissing each others’ feet, sucking on toes… then a pillow fight! Kelsey goes down on Hazel again, then offers her the Vibraking toy. It leads to another strong multiple-orgasm & squirt session for Hazel, and according to her, the best orgasm of her life. Hazel wants to even more extreme, and challenge herself with the xxx Monster Toy. She rides it… and takes it nearly to the base! Its increadible to see, and seemingly impossible. Then Kelsey helps out and does her doggy style. Notice how it fills Hazel up! Then Kelsey gets kinky stuffing ben wa balls inside her, but has a hard time getting them out of her super petite vagina! A fun adventure between two real life friends, getting intimate for the first time, with Hazel’s first time in adult right here!


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Total Duration of Per Videos : ( 79 Mins – 38 Mins )
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Video I – First Time Lovers

Hazel’s Comments (Video I)

I’ve known Kelsey since grade school. She’s always been that girl who stood out in school where the guys would stare at her and she loved the attention. Always had that reputation and she loved the guys. I wasn’t part of the popular crowd. So how did we become best friends? We were both doing cheer and we both had a crush on the same guy. She found out about it and set me up with him. It was pretty cool of her, and then I realized she was a nice girl and somehow we just ended up being friends that hung out after school. We weren’t sexual with each other at all, just doing sleepovers and stuff. I ended up becoming a waitress, she ended up doing the glam modeling. She’s always loved the heels and the barbie thing doing herself up and valley-girling herself out. We ended up moving away from each other, I moved to Decatur, TX, and she moved to Dallas, TX. We stay in touch a lot, then she revealed to me last year that she started porn. I didn’t ever think I would care to do that but she has her persuasive ways. Well, here I am, and trying this website that Kelsey says was her favorite website to shoot for. I’m taking her advice. She actually had to drive all the way from Dallas, pick me up, then drive to Love Field airport. We almost missed the plane too because there was a massive traffic jam. And this on a Saturday! Well, I’ve never fooled around with Kelsey, maybe just kissed her but that’s it. I like girls, but breaking that friendship barrier to sex is something that made me a little nervous. She guided me through it and I enjoyed it. I didn’t have much clothes either so most of what you see me wearing is her stuff. She’s all about the dresses, heels, heels heels heels! I did like her pretty vagina and how clean and trim everything looks. Would I do her again? Possibly, if I’m horny. What did I like best? The vibrator, and that big blue toy that vibrated. Its huge but I like it. I asked for the large toys because I never get to experience anything like that in my personal life. Might as well try it once in your life, here’s the opportunity. By the way, that vibrator I plugged in on the bed was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. You wouldn’t need a man with that thing!

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Video II – Resort Vacation

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