Sophie – A New Teen Mom 1080p

18 Oct
October 18, 2014

Sophie – A New Teen Mom
Release Date : 10/17/14

xxx Teen Sophia returns after a year on her first time shoot — with a few surprises! She is reintroduced to us at the xxx house, as cute as ever, but with larger breasts? In the time she was away she had a baby, and her breasts are full of milk now! She does a nude shoot to warm up, then masturbates with a vibrator, slowly increasing in intensity until she has a nice strong orgasm. A second angle gets the orgasmic contractions, and the happy results of having one of her first orgsams she’s experienced this year. She then spreads for us, gaping her vagina wide, and fingering herself. Taking the vibrator, she pushes it inside her, then does the splits on top of it going as deep as she can go — and with the vibrator turned on! Getting more kinky, she then tries playing with markers, stuffing them one by one, until she has 10 markers stuffed in her vagina! xxx assistant hottie Janessa helps out with the markers, putting them in for her. Then Sophia tries putting markers in anally, pushing two of them in her butt! With Janessa’s help, she then puts two more in her vagina, double penetrating herself. We then get to enjoy some lactation fetish, where she squeezes milk from her breasts, lets it drip onto the camera, then onto a glass table where she licks it off. Janessa even tries tasting some, and squeezes milk out of her breasts for her! Then, using a large cucumber, Sophia penetrates herself with it, then rides it as deep as she can go while Janessa helps support it for her, pushing Sophia’s limits. Out for a lunch break, Sophia pulls out her breasts, and starts lactating right there at the restaurant! On the next day, we meet her all sophisticated looking with a skirt and sexy sweater, heels and makeup. She looks like a young sexy secretary, and we watch her walk and flash near a flower shop, until she’s completely naked flashing cars that drive by! Back home she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy to another strong orgasm. Then pushes her limits by trying to fist herself! She ends up near-fisting, going as deep as she can go, then gaping/stretching so wide you can see her cervix deep inside! Some water is poured into her gaping vagina, and she squirts it out… She also experiments with more anal, fingering herself in the butt. Then taking her shirt off, she starts lactating in the mirror, then licks it off and makes out with herself! We then see her in a hot tight, rather short dress with strappy heels, showing off those long sexy legs, teasing us with upskirt and spreads — then showing off her pretty feet after her shoes come off. She then tries the biggest thing ever, the Big Blue Monster Toy, bigger than her arm! She manages to get about 1/3 of it inside her, pushing her absolute limits for that tiny figure. Enjoy Sofia’s incredible return — compare it to her first time shoot last year she’s come a long way!


Total Duration : 103 Minutes
Total Size : 8,86 Gb
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
FileType : mp4


Video I – One Year Later

Download :


Video II – New Cute Limits

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