Whitney – Homegrown Beauty 1080p

02 Nov
November 2, 2013

Whitney – Homegrown Beauty
Release Date : 11/01/13

She’s a gorgeous brunette blessed with the perfect big naturals and a firm, shapely butt — and she had her first adult experiences here on xxx! We meet her at a shopping area, where she introduces herself, and those amazing breasts! Shy about flashing for her first time, she manages to get away with having her breasts exposed at several department stores, then goes to a changeroom to videotape herself. Fun loving, sweet personality — the more she does public nudity, the more she enjoys it! Off to a more remote area, she finds a water fountain to cool herself down in, and proceeds to get fully naked and finger herself right there! Back home, she uses a vibrator to masturbate and have an orgasm for the first time on camera. Notice the strong vaginal contractions… Then trying on several cute outfits for us, she visits an office area, where we get upskirt views as she walks in very sexy heels. More breast & butt play leads to her doing a panty stuffing scene, and getting caught by an employee right in the middle of it! Back home she teases us some more, and uses the Vibraking toy to another strong orgasm, with visible vagina contractions. Next morning, we watch this busty girl wake up, give herself a nice hard breast & butt massage, then lather her body with soap in the shower. She shows off her flexibility by doing backstands, then masturbates again, this time up close for intimate views of her vaginal responses on orgasm. Fingering herself (juicy wet inside), spreading, gaping and showing off her pretty private parts, she then pushes the toy inside her vagina… Out in a supercute casual outfit, she flashes at a park & mall, and does an interview at a restaurant. Then in her sexiest dress & heels, we watch her tease some more, then penetrate herself with a pink dildo. She ends up getting spotted again, as this is a very public place… Back in the comforts of the bed, she does a little foot fetish, then puts on some white undies and goes running outside. Watch those big breasts bounce! What a fun, gorgeous, and sexy girl — the kind of teen we all absolutely enjoy on xxx!

Model Comments

Hey, My Names Whitney! Im 19 years old and am from Middletown New Jersey. I would like to do Criminal physcology later on in life. I think its interesting how criminals minds work. You know that chinese guy on Law & order, that anolizes what goes threw criminals minds? Yeah i wan’t to do that. Anyways In my free time i love to go jet sking,snowboarding, to the beach. Im pretty layed back, like to hangout with my friends when im home. I enjoy hockey, if you did not already know. I am a HUGE New York Ranger fan.During hockey season you can always find me at MSG in New York, I am at every game. I was a cheerleader in High school, I also did Gymnastics. So im pretty felxible, i can do splits, scorpians and back bends. Im a really nice down to earth girl. In high school me and my friends were considered the “popular” girls but we were nice to everyone always invited the kids who did not have many friends to come sit with us at lunch. Sence i live in New Jersey, i love to drive to the city with my friends and go out to eat there. They have some great resturants as well and night life. I’ve been asked if i like video games, i totaly do. I preffer to play Tomb Rator with Laura Croft though. When i was in Middle school i use to get made fun of for my “big Boobs”. I was a C in middle school already, and a lot of the other girls were barely developed. I would love to try main stream acting at some point. I love being infront of the camera, i think it would be a really cool oprotunity starting here. My favorite movies are “The Green Mile” “Dirty Dancing” “Good Fellas”, those are just a few im a big movie girl. My Favorite food is penne Vodka, i absolutly crave italian food all the time. Lots of pasta and pizza, funny thing is im not even italian.


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Total Duration of Per Videos : ( 57 Mins – 48 Mins )
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
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Total Size : 9.7 Gb


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