Phoebe – Bringing Out Beauty 1080p

07 Dec
December 7, 2013

Phoebe – Bringing Out Beauty
Release Date : 12/06/13

Shy and totally new to adult, she’s a supercute busty petite girl introduced only seen here, on xxx. We meet her at a mall, her wearing cute clothes and jeans, glasses on, very shy and quiet in front of the camera. We notice her full breasts, and have her flash right there in public! On a dare, she ends up taking all her clothes off, and spreading herself on a table outside. Eventually we see her walk completely in the nude… Back home, she washes her petite feet (for walking barefoot around a street) and does some foot fetish as well. Then she uses her own vibrator to masturbate and pound herself hard, getting right into it… then experimenting anally by fingering herself in the butt. With a nice summer dress on and no undies, she visits a post office and flashes there, at a park, and at a restaurant, slowly becoming more and more daring! Notice how cute her butt is as she bends over. Then she masturbates with a vibrator, to a nice orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Spreading and gaping her private parts up close, she then does two fingers anally, and gets into it… Going as big as she can, she then takes a large glass ball toy, and pushes it into her vagina, thus magnifying her insides as its spreads her open. Then in a cute outfit and heels, she does a dance to her favorite trance music, and notice how gorgeous this girl is with her glasses off and her hair pulled back. Reminds us of a young latina Ashley Judd. After a striptease, she then does a hard breast massage, and pulls and sucks on her nipples. Exclusive to xxx, enjoy this sweet natural beauty!


Her Submitted Photos :


Total Videos : 2 ( 12 clips )
Total Duration of Per Videos : ( 45 Mins – 33 Mins )
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Total Photosets : 5 ( 382 Photos )
Total Size : 7.2 Gb


Video I – Shy Masturbator

Model Comments (Video I)

Though I was fully expecting what happened today on the shoot I didn’t expect an essay was involved! Yes its true that I’m sort of quiet but its that I’ve learned not to supertalk when you don’t have anything constructive to say. I’ve done a little modeling in the past but nothing like this so I really had to think about it for a while. We’ve been talking of shooting for xxx for a year now and I finally took the plunge. I wanted to lose some weight and get into better shape before I ended up on this website. The girls here all seem gorgeous and I didn’t think I would fit in. After seeing the pictures we took and that coverpage pic I’m actually happy that it all turned out even if I wasn’t as spontaneous as some of the other girls on the site. I also didn’t know how much I’m supposed to act or be myself even though the photographer said for me to ‘be myself’. The girls seem so outgoing on the site that I felt I needed to be a little more vocal than I normally am, even when masturbating. I masturbate all the time and so when I did it for the first time I was really nervous about it even if it doesn’t show. The public nudity made me the most nervous and people actually saw me! The photographer gave me confidence though, almost complimenting me too much. I know I’m ok, but he made it sound like I’m one of the most gorgeous on the website. I forgot my contact lenses, so I was wearing my glasses half the time. I’m pretty blind without them.

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Video II – The Sensual Side

Model Comments (Video II)

I think as the day went onwards I felt a connection with the photographer and trusted him not to get me into trouble wherever we went to shoot the public nudity shots. My favorites are the last photos we took where I was wearing my summer dress. I didn’t have any heels with me other than the wedges I was wearing when I arrived so I borrowed a white pair from him. Masturbating the second time with him around actually made it better and I ended up orgasming for real. That only made me more sensitive and sexual and I wanted the real thing if you know what I mean. There was a tremendous amount of sexual tension between us but he didn’t ever try touching me or taking advantage of it. I keep looking back at the shoot and wondering how it would have been if he did. I would have had sex right then and there, in the house. I don’t have a boyfriend right now, and I’m not really outgoing. I don’t go to clubs, don’t drink, don’t even like mainstream music. So I’m a homebody who goes to college right now. Only guys I meet that I might be attracted to are in college. I’m getting turned on while writing this and I don’t exactly know why.

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